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  • San Francisco (and surrounding areas)

    Couldn't help but take a plane pic. First trip to California! Looking forward to exploring but no idea what I'm getting into. 

    Almost immediately went to Santa Cruz. A little hippy town. I loved it. Walked the pier, saw sea lions, walked the beach and enjoyed the day. 

    Got to Carmel by the Sea and then Big Sur for sundown, but the fog made it difficult to get a good picture. Was still breathtaking though!

    Driving through Copperopolis on our way to Yosemite. It was 100 degrees and our faces were melting but we walked through this dry, grassy field for no good reason anyways.

    Yosemite was beautiful, and once again - breathtaking. It was so gorgeous. I can't say enough. The drive there and back were absolutely insane. Winding through and up mountains, right on the edge. We were driving crazy fast too. It was so cool. The actual Yosemite park was great, we ate there before driving home. The famous rocks were so cool to see in person. All in all, an amazing side trip!

    Ended up working from California for a few days, we were there over 2 weeks in the end. Not a bad office however!

    Exploring the nooks around where we were living, near Martinez California. 

    Exploring the Jelly Belly factory was a super unexpected but awesome side trip! Highly recommend.

    Going to the Googleplex in Mountain View. Once again, quick little sidetrip and highly recommend. Got a bunch of swag there like tshirts, books, mugs. Super cool to see!

    Afternoon visit in San Francisco proper. Drive through and up the crazy streets. Went to the famous piers. Ended up visiting an old mechanical arcade game museum randomly. It was so cool to see all the old, dated games! Took a long time exploring there, it was so fun. Walked up and down some San Fransisco streets, did some shopping and saw Alcatraz.

    Couldn't think of a better way to end the trip than by checking out the San Francisco Bridge!

    Looking forward to coming back to California. Had a blast.

    Onto the next adventure!

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