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  • Old Place - Barrhaven

    We lived in a beautiful condo in Barrhaven throughout 2016. As perpetual renters, we got our worse case scenario. As much as we loved our place, our landlord decided to sell. Maybe 3-4 years down the line we would have just purchased the place (we really loved it). But that wasn't in the cards! We were told we'd have to move and within 22 days had found a new, much larger place - as well as having unpacked everything and set the house up, in 22 days!

    The above are some pictures from the view from our balcony. At this place we didn't have to shovel snow, garbage collection was in a large dump under the building, covered and heated parking. Right in front of ampersand park in Barrhaven. Walking distance to the very end of the 95, LCBO, toy store, chapters, shawarma, sushi, the movie theatre, grocery shopping.

    Barrhaven might have been far, but everything was close where we were and I loved it.

    Something we took part in is a weekly CSA with Rochon Gardens. From their website:

    "Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is the joint effort of the consumer, the farmer and the land to create a positive and economically stable relationship with the food we eat.  By joining a CSA program, you are supporting a local farm and actively contributing in the farming industry taking place right in Ottawa's backyard. ​"

    We loved our CSA, highly recommend to Ottawa residents!

    We also went local while living in Barrhaven! Here are some images from our favourite weekly stops. 

    All in all, I miss our old place. This place is closer, larger... but there was a special charm about living in Barrhaven, specifically in our old home (the location was perfect!).

    All about moving onto that next adventure though!


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