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  • Northern California

    Here we move to Northern California. You can check out my California Roadtrip blog (Southern) here.

    Wanted to see Napa and wine country, so we drove out there and ate lunch at the wonderful Brix restaurant thanks to a recommendation from my sister-in-law.

    Firstly, the wine was phenomenal. To start we had the Dungeness crab dip which was to die for. Then I had a burger on the softest bun I've ever had. With truffle fries.

    Now I had never tried truffle anything - but these fries were amazing! 10/10 would recommend.

    Plus, the atmosphere, the service. Everything was wonderful. A little pricey! But worth it.

    Next stop was Castello di Amorosa in Napa Valley. Didn't take the tour, but did wander around the grounds. This place is absolutely stunning, with a beautiful view, sheep, chickens. I wish we had had the time for the full tour!

    Of course, couldn't help but have a photoshoot! Grabbed my Brick Haus Flare Dress out of the trunk and posed in front of the winery. I'm wearing clothing underneath, so it's not my favourite set of pictures (you can see a little puckering of the fabric) but the place was so beautiful, I couldn't resist!

    More driving! Went out to Bodega Bay and drove through the rolling hills. Then climbed a rock and took some mermaid-ey stare out into the ocean shots.

    A little sunnier the next day when I made the drive out to Mount Diablo. Now THIS is a sight to behold! Went straight for the summit and it felt like from up there, you could see California in it's entirety (not the case). Was absolutely blown away by this view!

    Pictured below (in order from left to right) Earthbound Flare Skirt, Deathface Flare Skirt, The Great Wave Flare Skirt

    Not pictured, the droves of other tourists watching me change from skirt to skirt

    Then of course, couldn't leave California without heading to a Northern California beach! Drove out to Muir Woods and stopped by Muir Beach for a lovely walk. I was wearing my personal favourite Tree of Life Leggings

    That's all for Norcal! 

    Onto the next adventure

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