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  • Montréal - Biodome

    Decided to take a roadtrip from Ottawa, ON to Montréal, QC. Getting kindof antsy at home since am just approaching a busy period for work and our last trip feels so long ago.
    Figured it would be a great day if we drove down, walked around the Biodome and Espace Pour La Vie Montréal grounds for a bit before driving home.

    Took this shot of the capybara just hanging out.

    These are golden lion tamarin, a little shy.




    Of course the hyacinth macaw, a little squawky but the kids (and there are... a lot of kids at the Biodome at any time) seemed to love it!

    Never got the name of these fish, but this is probably one of my favourite pictures from the excursion!


    A school of fish kept passing us by in the Biodome's giant aquarium. This was really cool to see. All of them just swoop past.

    Moon jellyfish! You'd think I applied a filter to alter the colour but this filter was IRL!

    Lastly, if you've ever gone through the Biodome you would already know - it ends with penguins. It was really nice to sit and watch them jump and swim around. 

    So all in all, a two hour drive there - two hours back. About an hour and a half of walking within the Biodome. A successful teeny roadtrip I'd say!
    It wasn't that busy. Didn't have to wait in line and spent the afternoon walking around outside eating ice cream and having a wonderful day.

    Onto the next adventure, which just might be another trip to California in the Fall! Stay tuned 
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