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  • California Roadtrip

    Our first real stop outside of Las Vegas was Zabriskie Point. Put on my Galaxy Robe to protect my shoulders from the sun and had a photoshoot! Some of my favourite shots so far:

    We then officially entered Death Valley and made our way out to Badwater Basin and the Badwater salt flats. This place was HOT. I have a sunburn I am still recovering from, from the literal 30 minutes I spent uncovered here. The temperature was over 100 degrees fahrenheit. It was so hot you could barely breathe!

    We then rushed over to Longbeach, California where our first airbnb was located. The next morning we had my first real tacos, I'm still dreaming about them

    We also walked down the beach and I had a crappy coffee and my first cronut. I have to say cronut = life. If you can have one, you wont be disappointed!

    As we drove down the Pacific Coast Highway: through Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Marina Del Rey, Santa Monica, Malibu and Venice Beach we learned a big lesson - don't do this!

    If you are stopping at one of these beaches, then sure - take the drive. But the traffic was outrageous and we didn't even really see the coast since we were driving up the coast and not down! Wasn't worthit other than to say I've now "seen" these famous beaches! 10/10 do not recommend!

    We did pass LAX though, that was cool

    My grandmother had recommended we stop by Solvang, California on our way to our second airbnb. Worth the stop! This little town is wonderful and inspired by Danish architecture. Since I had just visited Denmark (you can check out that blog here) - I absolutely had to stop through!

    The next stop was our Vista House in San Luis Obispo! I'll actually be writing a full review of the place for my next blog post. So you'll have to wait! (or click here to view!) :)

    Onto the next adventure!


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