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    First round of travel for mononymous fashion!

    Welcome, hello. I'm the creator of mononymous and mononymous fashion and I choose to remain anonymously mononymous. :)

    Berlin, 2017! A long flight from Montréal, Quebec where we started this adventure off. Wearing my galaxy leggings for the very first time out. I have a plain black dress on.

    A flight to Frankfurt, Germany and eventually landing in Berlin. I immediately went on the hunt for and eventually found my coffee places (priorities first)

    Coffee Fellows near Alexanderplatz - great service and a quick cup while Five Elephant provided a luxurious atmosphere for something with a little more oomph

    Off to the Berliner Dom, seen from every angle throughout the trip. After witnessing both a wedding and fashion (shoes) photoshoot take place in these pillars - we found a quiet corner and decided to give it a try. I hadn't had the confidence to "model" up to this point and was fairly uncomfortable doing so.

    I had a great photographer, and a vision of what I had hoped everything to look like - and in the end, photos from behind with the Berliner Dom in the background on Museum Island = success! Decided to stick with my Galaxy Robe for this shoot, since it was the easiest to put on and take off if I had to run (we weren't 100% sure if we were even allowed to photograph there!)


    As we were walking away from Museum Island, exploring without a map of course - we landed at Jungfernbrüke (which apparently translates to "virgin bridge"... unaware of this at the time)

    I mean look at this, I fell in love. Such a cool looking place!

    I made us stop, we needed to take some more shots. This time in one of my favourites: Deathface Skirt

    I didn't have a great shirt to wear with it, but had brought it in my backpack. Backpack gets thrown on the ground, changed right there in the open (or rather, threw it on over my leggings which just so happen to be my Tree of Life Leggings... I love them so very much)

    Posed with a few people off to the side staring on. My confidence still not all that great, we took a few shots and then I insisted on heading back out.

    A lot more exploring in Berlin. Walked non stop the entire trip. Here are a few sections of the Berlin wall I found really beautiful


    A lot of very cool graffiti. If you love art this really is a great city for you. From giant full wall pieces, to under bridge and street art. Berlin really has it all and it's all phenomenal, beautiful stuff.

    I was inspired to wear my personal favourite leggings - my Tree of Life Leggings all over Berlin while I was on my graffiti hunt. They are super comfortable for walking around, compression fit and these ones, I really feel went with the feel I was getting from the city. Even though it was like nothing anyone else was wearing.

    Something I would recommend doing in Berlin if you like random exploring is -Volkspark Friedrichshain. There is just so much to do and see! It really is perfect for meandering around on foot.


    That reminds me! In this park, I saw a crane of some kind. I had seen another the first day I arrived in Berlin. I love these guys.

    Found my favourite late night snack in Berlin! Döner Kebab is a revelation. My favourite is boxed Döner. Comes in a takeout box. Less bread. SUPER yummy

    The last two days of the trip were dedicated to some more city exploring as well as Kubecon which was the real reason this trip was made (not that I didn't want to see Berlin anyways!)

    Time to leave unfortunately! Big shoutout to the ParkInn by Radisson! This was the hotel I stayed at for the trip. I had a wonderful experience (not sponsored!). It's not only a good hotel, but since it's right beside the TV Tower and is also a very tall building - it literally makes it impossible to get lost while wandering around Berlin. 

    Onto the next adventure!

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