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  • Beach Rømø, Denmark

    Rented a car while I was in Berlin, on the way - made a pitstop in Lübeck which quickly became one of my favourite German cities. Looking forward to going back and actually exploring. Was in a hurry however (trying to catch the sunset in Denmark) so could only stop by for some wurst (the best wurst I've ever had)

    Drove alongside the German-Danish border for a while, then the fog and humidity descended and we were in Denmark!

    Loved seeing all the farmland and general emptiness. Denmark also - TONS of roundabouts. I was totally unaware!

    I should have prefaced this by saying, the drive took about 7 or so hours and this was a totally random decision! Was going to drive to Poland, or maybe Prague. Didn't think I would have enough time to explore Prague with only a few hours, and no shade towards Poland... but it's a little more exciting to go all the way to Denmark.

    So glad I did! Literally pointed to a spot on the map (Rømø) with no idea what I would find there. I just knew it was an island off the coast of Denmark, near the North Sea and figured the sunset would be lovely. Nothing could prepare me for the desolate, foggy, endless, beautiful beach I ended up at!

    Here are some of my favourite shots.

    Of course, can't help but mention the autobahn! This was as fast as that little Mazda would let me go:

    Wild having to move over to let people pass you at this speed!

    Onto the next adventure!



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