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  • Austin to Ottawa Roadtrip

    Got held up at TSA, ended up running up to our gate as it was closing. Called our travel agency, multiple different airlines to come to the conclusion that it would cost us over $1200 and be two days later - to grab the next flight home.
    So we sat, thought it over - and decided to try renting a car and making the drive ourselves. It was an awesome experience! We drove straight through, it took over 29 hours. I don't drive, and even I drove for 12 hours! At one point through this convoluted bridge/highway/interstate system around Cincinnati and also down a 7 lane highway! I was mightily impressed with myself. :)

    Above photo is from the sunrise in Kentucky. Kentucky being about halfway home.

    Also randomly experienced Sonic for the first time along the way. 
    Left from Texas, ended up driving through a giant, crazy snowstorm in Buffalo, New York!
    No snow tires of course, that was a scary leg of the journey!
    Ended up in Syracyse NY at 10pm. Ate at Denny's, took an Uber to the bus station and waited there until 3am!

    Then took a bus home. Honestly, I'd do it again. The entire trip felt really like an accomplishment to do. Even got home in time for work on Monday!
    To the next adventure, although I think that's it for 2017! Cheers
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